About us

Studio V.M. was founded in 1995 to carry out conventional non-destructive examination such as Visual test, Dye Penetrant test, Magnetic Particle test, Eddy Current Test, Ultrasonic Test (manual), UT Thickness control, Helium Leak Test, Dimensional control, inspection of equipment and welding consulting.
Since 1998, Computerized UT control techniques have been inserted in order to replace radiographic controls (C-B Scan). 

Since 2002, the Acoustic Emission technique has been inserted; since 2006, Computerized UT control techniques (Tofd e Phased Array) have been inserted; since 2010, the Radiographic technique by RX tube
and radioisotope has been inserted.
In 2014, the Mechanical Test Laboratory became available, including the section for specimen preparation and the Oven for Post Weld Heat Treatment.

Giampaolo Bruschi