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With this technique is possible to measure the thickness with a frequency from 5 mm on pipes, plates, storage tank , columns, reactors and other equipment built in ferritic materials, without to use scaffolding, platforms and ladders.
The measure can be done on painted surface and a special probe connected to a dedicated  software, discriminating  the paint thickness and give the real value of the steel part.
The probe is installed in a magnetic crawler that can climb vertical plates up to 25 meters.
The result is a continuous presentation in A-Scan and B-Scan.

Crawler mentre esegue una scansione circonferenziale

Scansione verticale di un serbatoio da 80000 Mc, con altezza del serbatoio 17,5 mt, si possono notare gli spessori delle 7 virole. Si puņ ben notare che la prima virola di spessore da 40 mm presenta fenomeni di corrosione a 20 mm.

Nella foto sopra si vede il crawler magnetico mentre esegue una scansione verticale di 22 mt

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