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Emissione Acustica



Acoustic emission test is in great part used for storage tank bottom monitoring. This technique allow to verify the status of corrosion and the grade of reliability of the bottom , without to empthy the tank.
The gratest Petroleum Company use this technique in combination with thickness measurement of the roof and shell to define the residual life of the tank in accordance to API 653.
Studio V.M. is the leader in Italy for these speciality and the number of inspected tank updated at july 2012 is 387 from 2004.


Examination  is carried out in combination with a pressure test after the construction or during periodical verification.
The examination allow to verify if the component under stress due by pressure test, withstand to the limit value of pressure without to release energy.
This examination is also the best control to prevent collapse during pressure test.


This examination is commonly carried out during the first pressure test and during working. The control allow to determine the area where the energy is released in order to verify these areas with other N.D.E. techniques.

Test on underground vessel

Sensor detail

AE test on a reactor during pressure test

AE test of storage tank

AE test on valve

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