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STUDIO V.M. is a technical services company founded in 1990 on the basis of the experience its legal representative had accrued since 1978.
Particular attention has been focused on quality and certification in compliance with international regulations as well as on all those aspects related to the new technologies that involve industrial use of metals and metal alloys.
STUDIO V.M. handles project documentation and professional assignments in full compliance with applicable code and rules.
In order to provide a more focused view of the above, upon direct customer request, STUDIO V.M. can provide an uncontrolled copy of its “QUALITY ASSURANCE MANUAL”.
As you will see when you read through the following chapters, all V.M. STUDIO activities are set up to perform all requested tests using the most advanced, most widespread computer systems in combination with avant-garde control instrumentation.
This is not by chance. This decision was the natural outcome of the experience accrued over the years.
In final analysis we would like to inform you that all professional assignments are performed in-house by the STUDIO’s own duly hired resources on unlimited contract employees who hold various skills.


Giampaolo Bruschi

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